1. E.L.I.

1.1 E.L.I. is the French department of Espace Lyon-Japon which is a training center registered with the prefect of the Rhone-Alps region under No 82 69 10781 69.


2.1 Smoking is forbidden on the premises, as is the disposal of cigarette butts, even when extinguished.  Smoking on the premises of Espace Lyon-Japon could lead to a fine of €68 or to legal action (Decree No 2006–1386 of 15  November 2006 applying a ban on smoking in all public places).

2.2 The centre is equipped with smoke detectors and an emergency exit to the street via the entrance to the shop.  A second exit is also available at the back of the library.

2.3 The use of alcohol or drugs is not authorised anywhere in the centre.


3.1 Espace Lyon-Japon has taken out insurance protecting the goods and the people within the premises. 

3.2 Persons from abroad agree to ensure they conform to necessary French administration requirements (passport, visa, carte de séjour) and to be covered by a personal insurance in case of accident, illness or damage to property and personal injury.


4.1 Each student is asked
-   to have a courteous and respectful attitude
-   to be punctual for class


5.1 All enrolment should be done using the online enrolment form, or by post using the paper enrolment form, or in person at the centre.
-    Pre-enrolment is formalised by a completed enrolment request form, accompanied by a deposit (set per course) which is non-refundable should the student withdraw from the course after the legal withdrawal delay.
-    The enrolment does not become definitive until the full amount of the tuition fees has been paid, which must be done by the first day of class at the latest.
-    By enrolling, the student is agreeing to regularly follow the classes and cannot claim any refund. 
-    Espace Lyon-Japon reserves the right to cancel a class or to modify the organisation of classes if there are less than 6 participants.
-    Espace Lyon-Japon reserves the right to cancel a service or a class if payment is late.


6.1 In the case of cancellation by Espace Lyon-Japon :
-    Before the beginning of classes: all payments received will be returned.
-    After the beginning of classes: the amount corresponding to the remaining lessons yet to take place will be refunded.

6.2 All requests for cancellation or refunds must be received in writing (email, fax or letter). 

6.3 All students have the legal right to apply for a refund up to 10 days from their enrolment at Espace Lyon-Japon or from the date the confirmation of enrolment was sent (cooling off period).  In this case the request must be sent in writing (email, fax, or letter) and the deposit will be refunded, but the enrolment fee will be kept.

6.4 In the particular case of students who are awaiting a response for a French entrance visa: 
-    The student declares that (s)he is fully informed of the conditions for obtaining a visa before beginning the enrolment and payment procedure. 
-    A certificate of pre-enrolment will be provided upon payment of the enrolment fees.
-    The deposit will be refunded if the visa is refused, on presentation of proof of refusal of a visa by the consulate authorities. The enrolment fee will be kept.

6.5 Should the student arrive late or leave earlier than the course dates, no refund will be due.


7.1 Espace Lyon-Japon is closed on French public holidays. 

7.2 Classes are made up of 6 to 14 students .


8.1 The minimum level required to participate in classes is ‘false beginner’, except for the dates mentioned on the calendar which are suitable for complete beginners (every 8 weeks).

9. BILLING (for professionals)

9.1 In case of professional billing or courses delivered for the benefit of a professional, the paiement of the bills is due within 30 days.

9.2 All sum unpaid in due time, deposit included, will produce in full right interests on arrears corresponding to three times the rate of the legal interest of the current year (or to the rate of interest applied by the European Central Bank to its latest refinancing operation increased by 10 percentage points) and also the paiement of a lump sum of €(40) for recovery costs.


publication : 23/08/2009 par ELJ, mise à jour : 14/03/2022