An exclusive method for learning French.

E.L.I. offers you an exclusive French learning method, successfully developed by our referent teacher. This method focuses on comprehension and oral skills.  It’s adapted for beginners who are looking to rapidly acquire the basics for communication, but also for advanced levels for those who wish to improve certain domains: written communication, business French, etc.

"Students can speak from the very first lesson !"

Qualified and experienced teachers will follow students through their course throughout the year.

The course fee includes all learning materials, access to our library and computers with various audio exercises and tests.

In the classroom, we use multimedia teaching materials to give students the experience of hearing different voices and ways of speaking.

E.L.I. teaches 6 levels for French as specified by the Common European Framework of reference for languages (CEFR): A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

publication : 23/08/2009 par ELJ, mise à jour : 19/02/2020