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Our French courses in summer

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Take the LILATE at ELJ

Espace Lyon-JaponThe French school closest to the French people




ELI favours above all communication and inter-cultural understanding and this is what makes it a unique language school.




French courses adapted to all foreign public


Our teachers are native French speakers and have a high awareness of the specific learning challenges of the Students. Each teacher ensures that every student attains a good understanding of the French language through progressive learning (unlike in conventional methods), and a variety of conversational activities. 




Pedagogical workshops based around working and living in France


We offer entertaining and engaging workshops in addition to our French and Japanese lessons. Students have the opportunity to participate in French writing lessons, discover French calligraphy, learn to read restaurant menus, and take part in French cooking workshops to learn the basics and various techniques of French cuisine using fresh local products. You can also experience food tasting workshops with the assistance of professionals to help you choose the right dishes, and class outings to experience the most magical places in Lyon.





A constant interaction with French people


ELI is currently lists over 200 local students as well as members active in our workshops, which include cooking and manga drawing. Our students taking French lessons are constantly in contact with them and can socialize in our lounge over a complimentary cup of tea.




lieu de rencontre ELJA place of culture and exchange


Various cultural events are hosted at the ELI: art exhibitions, meetings based around food tasting and cooking, festivals… there is at least one great event a month. Furthermore, everyone is welcome to suggest meeting event ideas. 




Innovative pedagogical projects


Our students are asked to develop projects as part of their learning process, such as doing presentations in front of other students at the ELI, organising a picnic, setting up an exhibition, or even a festival - anything that can create opportunities for everyone to practice their French in real life situations during their stay in Lyon.