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Pedagogical wokshops at E.L.I.

As part of the learning process of French, E.L.I. offers pedagogical workshops for the practice of French to discover the French culture and test the newly-acquired skills in real-life situations of the French way of life.

As part of the "Bellecour", "Lumières", "étoile" and Summer Camp classes, pedagogical workshops for the practice of French are integrated into each programme.

For these classes the price of workshops is included.

Schedule : (for a month)

Class Writing workshop Cooking workshop


Pedagogical outing
Bellecour 1x1hr 1x2hrs 1x1hr 1x3hrs
Lumières 1x1hr 2x2hrs 2x1hrs 1x3hrs
Etoile 1x1hr 2x2hrs 2x1hrs 1x3hrs
Eté 1x1hr 2x2hrs 2x1hr 1x3hrs

French writing workshop

ecritIn France as everywhere else, each individual has their own writing style, shaping the letters according to their own personality. 
In France children start learning how to write at the age of 5, beginning with their name. 
Then comes a time to learn how to shape each letter by copying them again and again, a time to learn how to write words, and eventually a time to write whole sentences.
Step by step the learners develop their own style according to their personality : the shape of letters (round or tight), their angle (upright or sloping) or even their size (tiny or large) are as many criteria that define a handwriting style.

As in school

In parallel with your French classes, the writing workshop will enable you to develop your own cursive handwriting by means of a method using the bases taught to French schoolchildren. You will also be introduced to the use of quills and fountain pens.

A useful skill

In this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to study original letters and to write your own formal letters.

Moreover, this should make things easier for you in France, as restaurant menus and handwritten notes will no longer hold secrets for you !

French cooking workshop

Les quenelles de Lyon

Lyon is the capital of French cuisine. Its renown is world-famous. E.L.I. gives you the opportunity to discover all the richness of French cuisine in Lyon with professionals.

Focusing on the French language  

As in all our other workshops, E.L.I. focuses on the French language and keeps it central to your learning. Our cooking workshops operate according to a complete programme linked to the French project :

-The students choose the dish they want to cook depending on the season and the advice of their chef.

-Then they go to the market and the shops with their teacher in order to buy the right products at the best price.

-They cook the dish they have chosen in our kitchens, following the instructions given by the chef.

-And finally all the participants enjoy the meal together !

Tasting workshop

vinsIn the Lyon area there are plenty of high quality products : 
From the most celebrated Côtes du Rhone to the Saint Marcellin cheese and the confectionery specialties of the capital of the Gauls, it is impossible to stay in Lyon without tasting its specialties. Because Lyon is the best place for quality and know-how to combine.

To eat French, drink French, speak French


All along this programme, you will learn how to read labels and recognise the right products.

Our tasting workshops are shared discoveries  presented to you directly by trained professionals. It is also a wonderful opportunity to test your acquired skills in French and socialise with your classmates.


On the menu :


-different sorts of cheese
-local fruits and vegetables
-specialties of the region

Pedagogical outings

sortie lyon

As part of the programme of its FLE pedagogical project, E.L.I. offers organised visits, tours and outings partly or totally prepared by its students.

Test your skills

Each student can practise their acquired skills in French and take part into a common class project by the means of tasks divided between the students. You will :

-Present your ideas and debate
-Collect information

-Prepare an itinerary

-Define constraints

-Evaluate costs

and even more.




publication : 27/04/2015 par ELJ, mise à jour : 01/06/2022